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Carrotland Adventures: Volume 1 is a cell shading 3rd person platformer game. Explore the cartoonish world of Carrotland and retrieve all the carrots!

The game is in active development.

Features to come:

-Various enemies;

-Environmental hazards;


-20 + levels;

Stay tuned!


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I just want to say a few words about my experience with this game. I've played it and really liked it. So, I'm interested to see the further development and progression of this neat little game.

First things first, this is a prototype of a cute game idea about collecting stuff. In this case, it's carrots and they supposed to be collected by the rabbit. So far, you can explore a playground during the day-nighttime (1st and 2nd level). There some interactable objects and a few (not so interactive) characters. The only quest is to collect carrots and enjoy the view.

If we talk technical stuff, all the jumps are momentum based, so you have to get used to this mechanic. There isn't that much of a mid-air control. It's accurate to a real life but it can be a bit more supple to have more fun. The camera is a bit wonky around objects up close. There's a crouch mechanic that isn't necessarily useful due to the game being under development. This stuff isn't that big of a deal. It's enough for the functionality this game offers in this state.

The graphics are the main thing. I found this game just because of how pretty it looks. I'm a big fan of cell-shading and cartoonish style games.

There can be a bit more work on SFX or audio in general (in terms of variety). But again, I dig too deep talking about an indie game that is being developed by one dev in his/her spare time.

I really enjoyed this prototype and hope to see more of it.
If you want to see real life reaction to this game, here is a video I made:

There's a good start of effort here, hopefully the next iteration is even better!

Hey! Fantastic feedback here, thanks a lot!

I was aware of some of the issues you spoke about here, the major being the movement system. Air control will be implemented in the next update, along with more levels. Glad you pointed out other issues too, I'll look into them.

I modelled everything but the carrots and the bunny in this "demo" but I also resorted to third party creations fo the update in the works.

There will also be enemies attack animations and power ups ( I'll take your suggestion straight and turn the red/ gold carrots into power ups) at some point of development. And the bushes with eyes are supposed to "talk" in later stages and give advices to players.